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The Town of Cobourg, Northumberland County and other organizations in Cobourg have Surveys from time to time.  There's a list here.

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The latest updates on Covid-19 in Cobourg can be found on this special page here.


About this site

The CobourgInternet site has now been refreshed.  It works better on phones and is more print friendly.


This is the home of the Cobourg Internet group of sites. On this site you can find general Information about Cobourg.

Related sites cover Entertainment, News and History. The most popular is the News site: Cobourg News Blog

Where is Cobourg?

Victoria Hall in winterThe Town of Cobourg is one hour East of Toronto via Highway 401 and is on the shore of Lake Ontario, in Ontario, Canada. Go to Google for a map on how to get here. Additional maps - current and historical - can be found here.

The History of Cobourg has been well documented and now a large amount of this is on the web - see the site Cobourg Histortical Society.

The major feature of Cobourg is the waterfront on Lake Ontario where there is a Marina (run by the Town of Cobourg), Yacht club, a very popular sandy beach and an extensive Park area.

Performances by many groups and Events (such as the annual Waterfront Festival) keep residents and visitors entertained.

One of the legacies of the boom in the mid 1800's is Victoria Hall (above). After restoration in ~1980, it now plays a key role in the town with a Council meeting room, Art Gallery and Concert Hall. More.

And of course, being in the heart of UEL territory, the Canada Day parade is a big affair and is led by the Cobourg Concert band. (Video of 2017 Parade here, 2018 Parade here and 2019 Parade here). The history of this band goes back a long way (more) and every year, they participate in joint Historical re-enactments in Plattsburg, New York.

In 2016, according to the Census, Cobourg's population was 19,440 and English was the mother language for 92% of us.  (Full Stats Canada Data on Cobourg here.)

Cobourg Map

The Town has made available an interactive web based map that includes property lines and other useful information.

Go to this link: Map.

Living in Cobourg

There are a number of articles on Living in Cobourg - you can find them linked below and more are listed here.


For the latest information on Fares, route and schedule, click here.

What's On

See our Cobourg Calendar web site which tells you how to find what's on in Cobourg.


Seniors Activities

Municipal Information

If you live in Cobourg you might want to know more about the Town planners, councillors and committees.  Council Information.

Business Support in Cobourg

There is a good network of organizations both government and private to support business in Cobourg.  We are a business friendly town.  More here.

Annual Waterfront Festival

Every year, the Lions, Rotary Club and the town stage the annual Waterfront Festival. Something like 30,000 people come to Cobourg for this event which takes over Cobourg's famous waterfront. The photos at left and the Video here (from 2019 festival) give you a feel for it.

Each year there is a Parade on Canada Day then for the 3 days of the weekend, the Lions have their vendor market-place booths in Victoria Park and the Rotary Club have their upscale Arts and Crafts tent. The Lions also provide the popular beer tent in Victoria Park with live entertainment.

Photos and Videos of Cobourg

See Photo/Video Gallery here - over 800 photos in 25 galleries - plus 23 videos.

Cobourg's Parks

Cobourg has a lot of Parks - there's a list of them here.


Lots of parking if you know where to go.  Here's a Guide.

Winter Parking By-Law

Parking is prohibited overnight in winter to allow snow plowing.  There's a list here of streets where this applies.

Walking Tours

If you are wondering about where to walk in Cobourg - there's a guide.  Details here.


Cobourg is proud of its Heritage, especially Victoria Hall built in the 1850's.  Details here.

The Numbers

Here is a collection of key statistics for Cobourg.  Go here.

The Harbour and the Beach

Cobourg's defining feature - an overview of the Harbour here. Some might say the beach is more important.  More on the beach here.

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