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Note that Cobourg Internet is not accepting new clients.

  1. Listing of Suppliers of Hardware, Software and Services -  servicing Cobourg.
  2. Go here for Internet Service providers
  3. For new computers - it's best to go online or visit Staples.

Computer Supply and Repair

  Location Service & Hardware
Jim Corkery & Staff  Port Hope Business support - web site out of date
OnSite Computer Cobourg Repair
Press Any Key Cobourg Business Support - esp. Dental offices
Staples Cobourg Repair, Computers, peripherals


Web site Developers

Joomla Web Site Developers - a selection

Joomla is a very powerful CMS system that requires a bit more technical savvy to build but (in my opinion) gives better results than the more popular WordPress. Like any CMS, content can be edited by non-technical users. Here is a list of some Joomla developers - as found on the Internet.

Developer Location
GAWD Productions Manatoulin Island
JenTekk Solutions Langley BC
PanChroma Moncton, NS

Here are some other "local" designers who mostly develop WordPress sites.

Developer Location
Interpool - Gerry Freymann Grafton
One Big Machine - Steve Smiley Port Hope
Cats Media Port Hope
Influx Port Hope
Chad Simpson Cobourg

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