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Broadband/High Speed (Major ones in Cobourg Area only)

Listed below are not necessarily the best services offered (all suppliers have other options) but chosen to be comparable so prices can be compared.

In addition, you can get "high-speed" Internet service via Cell Phone suppliers; for example Rogers provides wireless Internet service via Ignite Internet.

  Eagle - via Bell
Via Cogeco
Bell - Fibe 150
Also up to 1.5Gps 
Cogeco - UltraFibre 180
Also up to 1 Gbps
Xplore - LTE 50 Unlimited
Technology DSL (phone line)
Fibre - most locations - many apartment/condo bldgs excepted Cable- some fibre to the node Wireless/Satellite
Speed Down (max) 10 Mbps
60 Mbps
150 Mbps 180 Mbps 50 Mbps
Speed Up (max) 800 Kbps
10 Mbps
150 Mbps 10 Mbps 10 Mbps
Network availability * Excellent Excellent Excellent Good
Bandwidth incl. in price 100 GB/Mth (DSL) Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Extra Bandwidth $0.75/GB/Mth N/A N/A N/A
Email Storage  Not specified Not specified 1GB per address 7GB per account
Support availability Business Hours 7 x 24 7 x 24 7 x 24
Support Quality Excellent Good Very Good Good
Support communication quality Excellent (Cobourg) Very Good Excellent (Oakville) Excellent
Home networking Requires router Wi-Fi router in modem Wi-Fi router in modem Requires router - add $6/mth
Spam Blocking Barracuda - very good - access available MSN - excellent - low, standard or exclusive settings Good Unknown
Cost per month $60/month
$129.95/month (after 2 yr promotion) Check with Bell. $104.99/month (after 2yr  promotion). Check with Cogeco $104.99 (after 1 yr promotion)
Deduction for bundling N/A Varies $10 -
Unlimited Bandwidth 100 GB limit
For Cable - Yes
All available accounts are
Yes but some cheaper accounts limit bandwidth Included
Installation/ Activation fee $55 (if req'd) + $75 Modem deposit $59.95 $20 $59 with 1 yr contract
Local presence Excellent None Some (via TV) Local dealer
Comment by Cobourg Internet Local business. Good local support. Good uptime. Support willing but weak. Speed limited in a few locations. This is service that I use. Fibre  to the home not available. Mostly for Rural use.

Both Bell and Cogeco offer faster services although Bell's fastest service is faster than Cogeco's fastest.

Bell has installed fibre to the home in many locations so very fast speeds (3.0 GBps) are available in many parts of Cobourg.  But some locations still have very slow service (10Mbps) - you have to check here.  The above is their middle of the road Fibre service - Note that "Fibe" is their brand and does not mean you will get fibre.  If you do have fibre, you can also get TV and don't need a dish.

Xplore Cobourg dealer is United Wireless Solutions  - Xplore was previously called Xplornet

See also the following:

Airnet Wireless (compare with Xplore)
Nexicom Resells Bell and Cogeco
RuralWave Wireless (compare with Xplore) - owned by Rogers
Tek Savvy Resells Bell and Cogeco
E- Box Resells Bell, Rogers and Cogeco - owned by Bell

*No Internet service is as reliable as a standard phone. Internet service considered good would be 99.9% which is about 9 hours outage per year. By comparison, phones are currently at 99.999% or 5 minutes outage per year.

It is NOT recommended to use anyone's VOIP or cellular service for your only phone unless you can tolerate occasional outages.

What is your current speed?

Go to this link to test and find out your actual speed. (Independent testing by CIRA)

Wireless service by Cellular is available from Bell, Telus and Rogers offices in Cobourg. Choose depending on availability of coverage in your exact location. Bell's price is typical - $100/month for unlimited at 25 Mbps,  comparable to phone data prices.

Connectivity for Eagle is provided by Bell but server and support is by Eagle.

This comparison is applicable to the consumer level service.
Data above is for services in Cobourg. All supply multiple email accounts.

Internet Service Reliability

The Internet is getting to be a service that's as important as a telephone - but there are many questions that are rarely discussed or if they are, they are in terms too technical for the average user.

On this page, some of these questions are answered or at least discussed so you can decide for yourself.

Phone Line - or ADSL

dsl(Diagram at right) ADSL stands for Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line - which simply means data by phone line but faster downloads than uploads. In Cobourg, the only supplier is Bell since they own all the phone lines but they provide the service wholesale to and others. It works by using different frequencies for internet than used for phone then using filters at each end to separate these signals. Equipment is relatively simple - a modem at the user (subscriber) end and a DSLAM at the Central Office (Telephone Exchange). In between is a single pair of copper wires. Likely failure points are the equipment at home (modem) or the cable in between.  Note that Bell is gradually replacing this service with fibre to the home which provides much faster service and is a different technology.

Fibre to the Premises (Home)

This is now offered by Bell in many locations in Cobourg.  Fibre comes to the house where it's connected to Wi-fi which completes distribution to the house.  It is essentially as reliable as wired connections - just much faster.

Cable TV Internet

(Diagram below) Since TV does not use all the frequencies, Cable Internet can and does use spaces between channels. Although wide, these Internet "channels" are shared with a number of other users - much like an office network.


Also, because the system inherently carries a wide bandwidth, there are many points where amplifiers must be provided to boost the signal. Likely failure points are the equipment at home (modem), the cable in between or the amplifiers on the cable.

Satellite and Wireless Internet

Satellites can inherently download easily like they do for TV - upload means you need a transmitter and an individual receiver or at least an individual time slot. Since the coverage area is very large, either the number of customers must be limited or the usage per customer must be limited. Also, the user's antenna must have clear line of site to the satellite. In general, the same issues apply to wireless where service is supplied from a nearby tower but because there are fewer customers within range, traffic limits are generally higher. 



Because Cable TV Internet has more failure points, reliability is worse than ADSL. Wireless has difficulty because of requiring sophisticated outdoor equipment and rain/snow/ice can also cause outages. See the table below for "standard" reliability numbers. Note that the quoted reliability numbers vary tremendously with particular suppliers and location so should be used for overall comparisons only. They also don't refer to problems like intermittent email or spam which are not network problems. Note the numbers do not mean that (e.g.) your home phone will not work for 5 minutes each year - it could be (e.g.) 50 minutes once every 10 years.

  Reliability Outages Comments
Home phone 99.999% 5 minutes per year  
Long Distance 99.98% 19 minutes per year  
Web site up time 99.95% 4 hours per year Worse for overloaded servers
Internet service provider – phone (e.g. Bell, Eagle) 99.9% 9 hours per year This applies to VOIP phones as well. Mostly line and modem problems.
Internet service provider – cable (e.g. Cogeco) 99.8% 17 hours per year Problems are mostly in winter. Mostly cable and modem problems.
Internet service provider – wireless (e.g. airnet, xplore) 99.4% 52 hours per year Can be worse if there are installation or equipment problems


Theoretically, the upper limit for Cable is faster than for ADSL unless ADSL uses fibre in which case fibre is faster.  However, it's much easier for an ADSL network to improve capacity if there is congestion than for a cable network.  Unless fibre-optic lines are used, the speed depends on the distance from the home to the nearest service point - generally a telephone exchange. For Cable, congestion can also occur if too many users are on the one feed line whereas this does not happen with ADSL. Satellite and Wireless will be slower but you usually have it because that's all there is!


This is entirely dependent on the company supplying the service. For cable in Cobourg, you are dealing with Cogeco. If you call support you get someone who speaks good English and who can see if the problem is local or the network - although they sometimes get that wrong. If all else fails they will send a technician to your house. That's because a technician can decide if the problem is the modem, the cable inside your house or the network from your house to their "head end". A problem with the cable can cause TV to also be off but it could be just degraded enough to cause only an Internet problem.

If you have ADSL, you will probably have Bell where the support person has been in India (up till recently) and is knowledgeable but often hard to understand. They rarely send a tech to your house because the connection from your house to their Central office rarely fails. If it does, your phone will most likely also be off-line.

Another popular ADSL supplier in Cobourg is   Eagle support is available during business hours only but they speak good English and are competent but unfortunately in many cases, they will have to deal with Bell - they can't handle network problems directly.

Satellite service is mostly Xplore in Cobourg - if a local tech is needed, they will send one out from the local dealer. Wireless can be via Airnet or Xplore. Airnet have one capable technician who runs the business, does all installations and provides all support.

For more on this, see suppliers page.

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