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The study commissioned to look at parking in the Downtown area was presented to Council and released Sept 16.  You can get a copy here: Downtown Parking Study Sept 16, 2013


  • Believe it or not, there is enough parking to last for the next 10 years
  • More user fees but with some initial free parking that varies with location
  • Manage employee parking
  • Pay & display machines downtown.

Quick changes

  • Improve winter maintenance and snow removal
  • Review permit pricing
  • Provide bike parking at select locations (waterfront)

Medium Term

  • Public/private partnerships to expand parking supply
  • Density bonus
  • Improve aesthetics and pedestrian linkages
    • Covert Street Parking Lot
    • Third Street Parking Lot
  • Dedicated employee parking in peripheral lots
    • Trinity Parking Lot
    • McGill Street Parking Lot
    • Hibernia Street Parking Lot
  • Pay for Use Parking within the Downtown
    • Pay for parking along King Street (pay and display machines)
    • 2-hour maximum to better accommodate shopping trips
  • Pay for parking in "prime" downtown parking lots (Covert Street, Victoria Hall, etc.)
    • First 1/2 hour free parking
    • 4-hour maximum duration to better accommodate downtown visitors
    • Employee parking prohibited
  • Pay for parking in "periphery" parking lots (Trinity, Hibernia, etc.)
    • 2-hour free parking
    • 8-hour maximum duration to accommodate employee parking

Long Term

  • Initiate planning for expanded / new parking facilities
    • Expanded Marina Parking Lot (+/- 40 spaces)
    • Expanded Esplanade Parking Lot (+/- 40 to 80 spaces)
    • New Parking Lot at Third Street / Hibernia Street (+/- 40 spaces)
  • Promote continued use of Active Transportation and Public Transit
  • Implement bicycle parking standards to be incorporated as part of all new development submissions

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