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Northumberland County is responsible for Social Services in the County and this includes Long Term Care Homes. The home operated by the County is the Golden Plough located on County property at the northwest corner of Elgin and Burnham but it has reached end of life and does not meet current standards. Since renovating it to meet current requirements would be more expensive, even if it were possible, the County has embarked on a rebuild with a budget of $80M. golden plough At 200,000 sq. ft., the new building will be double the size of the current lodge and will include 6000 sq. ft. devoted to an archive/museum facility which will relocate from their current space at the Library.  When the new building is complete, the current building will be demolished since it would be too expensive to re-purpose the building for (e.g.) low-cost housing.

The new building will have 180 beds compared to 151 currently.  Each unit will have a window to open space – some into interior courtyards.

There is an overview of the project at this Cobourg News Post

The Archives are included because the County has expanded its mandate for archives to include the entire County (not just Cobourg) and has outgrown the space at the Library.  The new facility will include “display and exhibition space to showcase a diverse range of County stories”.

Progress Report

The County has been providing progress reports with text and videos. Below is the latest information from the County (as of 31 March 2022).

March 2022 Update

Recent progress at the construction site of the GPL & NCAM redevelopment

In the spirit of spring, the structure of the new Golden Plough Lodge & Northumberland County Archives and Museum facility has started to bloom with the emergence of above-ground walls and structures, after completing significant progress on foundations and structural work this past winter.

Where are we now?

Many key milestones were achieved over the past month as we completed significant work on foundations - one of the largest and longest phases of the redevelopment project.

This month, we completed the ground floor transfer slab - a large concrete reinforced floor that will transfer load from the floors above to the ground. This process included many long-lasting concrete pours that resulted in 1,150 cubic metres of poured concrete. In addition, over 9,000 concrete structural blocks were placed on site, helping to form the beginnings of an interior structure.

March also marked the start of plumbing work in the basement of the building, as well as the fabrication and delivery of steel that will be used to build the structural bones of the facility later this spring.

Where are we headed next?

This vital and extensive foundation work has provided us with the key elements required to progress to the next stages of construction. The next few months are sure to bring further excitement as the construction site begins to morph into a more realized building with the addition of walls, structural supports and floor slabs.

This spring, we will begin construction of the basement floor slab as well as installation of a pre-cast floor slab on Level 2 of the building. Steel that was previously fabricated and delivered in March will also begin to be erected on-site.

We look forward to watching the building continue to grow and take shape as above-ground work continues this spring and summer.

Take a look at our recent progress.

For a bird's-eye view of construction progress between November to March, view our GPL & NCAM Redevelopment Construction Update video below

Simulation of Final Building

This is a virtual tour video which explores the concept design for the Golden Plough Lodge long-term care home portion of this project – that is, it does not include the Archive.

There is a little more detail at the County's web page.

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