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Cobourg Internet is operated by the business Cobourg Internet.  Contact information here.

It is one of two sites that provide information about Cobourg.

1. (this site)

2.  (News)

  • News about Cobourg - particularly about Cobourg Council activities
  • Also major events, some crime and sport reporting
  • Community activitites.

Site Features

Search this site

Use the search icon at top right to search this site (only) to find a page with any key word or phrase.  Search does not include pdf content.


Many images can be enlarged by clicking them.


Most videos are hosted on Vimeo.  You can go to the Vimeo page directly here. Or go to the index of photos and videos.

Cobourg Information

As well as general information on why Cobourg is a great place to live, there is also information on Parking, Council, Medical services and more. (Go here).

Letters to the Editor

As a supplement to Cobourg News, letters to the Editor of Cobourg News Blog and Cobourg Internet may be submitted. To avoid having letters that are stale, most letters will be online for a limit of 3 months.  If they promote or are talking about an event with a date, they will expire after that date.

Submitting a Letter

Send your submission to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. – format is not critical since it will be re-formatted for the web page.  Include any images as attachments.

Name of author

The real name of the Author is required and will be published unless there are exceptional circumstances.  Also required but NOT for publication is the email address and (preferably) Canada Post address.


  • Letters can talk about a Post or may start a different topic.  Letters are necessarily opinions and typically would talk about an idea.
  • Political statements are allowed - but NOT during election campaigns, sorry.  That's managed separately.
  • No personal criticisms are allowed.
  • Promotion of a new business or major event is allowed but must be aimed at Cobourg residents.
  • Authors are encouraged to keep their letters on one topic.
  • Images and Videos are allowed. Videos should be hosted on You-Tube or Vimeo.
  • Comments are not allowed.  If you wish to dispute the contents of a letter, you may provide an opposing letter. Only one such responding letter will be published - if more than one is submitted, the selection will be at the discretion of the "editor".


All submissions are subject to minor editing.

  • Obvious typos and major grammar errors will be corrected.
  • The length of the “letter” should be no more than 600 Words.  Anything much longer may be rejected or edited.


The following domains are used on this site:



  • The site is fully encrypted as shown by the https prefix and the padlock icon in the URL box.
  • Joomla 5 was used to build the site.  Joomla with the template used (Nina by Joomla51) is fully responsive which means it is fully compatible with tablets and phones.  Generally, the site is updated to the latest version within days of it being released.
  • PHP 8.2 is used for fastest operation and maximum security.
  • Javascript should be enabled for the best experience.
  • The site is optimized for use with Chrome which is the most popular browser.  Edge, Firefox, Apple Safari  and Opera also work well. Using Internet explorer is not recommended.

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