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Management of Utilities in Ontario and Cobourg

  1. Natural gas distribution is provided by several private sector for profit companies including Enbridge. Rates are regulated by the OEB,  Cobourg’s Gas is supplied by Enbridge.
  2. Electricity distribution is provided by a variety of companies, both private sector and government/municipally owned. All are for profit companies. Rates are regulated by the OEB. Most Cobourg residents get their Electricity from LUI. (Lakefront Utilities Inc).
  3. Water supply and distribution (excluding private wells) is a municipal responsibility requiring quality and financial reporting to the province. In Cobourg, Waterworks is the “entity” responsible for water supply and distribution. Waterworks is a business unit (department) of the Town. Management and operation of the water system is contracted (outsourced) to LUSI (a for profit company). Waterworks operates on a self-sufficient basis (provincially mandated). Waterworks is a not-for-profit “entity” It earns profits which are retained by Waterworks and used to fund debt re-payment and capital repairs/additions, instead of being distributed to the “owner” (Town).
  4. Waste water (sewer) collection and treatment is handled by the Public Works department. It is also operated for the most part, as a self sufficient (not-for-profit) business unit of the Town. Similar to Waterworks, the WW department retains the profits to fund debt re-payment and capital repairs/additions
  5. The Storm Water department is also a Public Works department (Town business unit) that in theory is supposed to operate on a self-sufficient basis (not-for-profit) similar to Waterworks. SW charges a user fee based on property area and classification. This is new in 2023 and SW has not rendered any billing as of May 2023.

Author Bryan Lambert

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